Snowmobile in Pemberton

The Pemberton area offers some of the best snowmobiling terrain in Western Canada. Areas include the World Famous Pemberton Icecap, Meager Creek Hot Springs, Bralorne, Gold Bridge, Face Mountain, Hope Creek, Noel Creek, Meager Creek and Salal Creek to name a few. Pemberton offers the perfect snowmobiling base to explore the vast wilderness in the Coast Mountains.

Pemberton Ice Field

This is a snowmobiler's paradise! The Pemberton Ice Fields offer vast, wide open, treeless riding with spectacular views of the Coast Mountains and beyond. The Pemberton Ice Fields are a collection of glaciers and only a quick 150km drive from Vancouver. You will feel you are a world away from the hub and noise of the city.

There are three access points to the Pemberton Ice Fields, one near Brandywine Falls, and one near Callaghan Lake both just about a 20 minute drive south of Whistler. The most popular access point is by the Rutherford Creek bridge between Whistler and Pemberton, just a few minutes drive from Pemberton.


Another popular area for snowmobiling in Pemberton is the area surrounding the historical mining town of Bralorne, a gold mining town that once boomed in the 1930's, and now it is known as the "snowmobile headquarters for Western Canada". From November to April you can ride the mountain slopes and backcountry roads in this amazing area.

Bralorne is situated in the Bendor Mountain Range about 100 miles north of Vancouver as the crow flies. It is nestled between the drier Chilcotin Range and the mighty Coast Mountain Range. Bralorne is about a 2 hour drive from Whistler and is accessible via the Pemberton Meadows Road and then over the Hurley Forest Service Road. Luckily for sledders the Hurley Forest Service Road is not ploughed in the winter which means a fun ride on you snowmobile all the way to Bralorne.

A visit to Bralorne in the winter is a great day trip from Pemberton. Stop in for lunch and get warmed up at the Mine Shaft Pub. Premium gas is also available at the Mineshaft Pub for snowmobilers to purchase all winter. The Mine Shaft Pub is a great place to meet fellow sledders and skiers at the beginning and end of each day and a sense of excitement fills the air.

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