Pemberton Mountain Biking

Pemberton is truly a world class destination for mountain biking during the spring, fall and summertime. With hundreds of kilometers of quality, well maintained trails there's a trail suited to all skills and abilities, from extreme athlete to weekend warrior.

Back in 2010 Pemberton received and raised a total of $120,000 to be spent on mountain bike trails. This really gave the trail network a shot in the arm, and Pemberton now has plenty of trails to suit any bike and rider. From the full 40 pound downhill rig to the light as cross country or trail bike. In fact, the rapid growth of new trails, loyal regular riders and biking related events is seeing Pemberton grow into nothing short of a mountain biking mecca. It's no surprise Pemberton is getting plenty of attention from the mountain biking community, with the perfect soil for trail building, pristine mountain surrounds and a smaller populous than the surrounding Whistler and Squamish.

Something For Everyone

Whatever sort of rider you are, you'll find a trail that will put an ear to ear grin across your face. From the most hardcore downhill racer or freerider, to the casual cross country biker. Whether you feel more comfortable with both wheels firmly on the ground, or flying through the air, there's many a trail for you in Pemby. Pemberton's terrain is a little sandier than Whistler or Squamish making Pemberton's riding particularly good in spring and fall. The soil is nice and tacky, making for great grip in those corners. Because of this we see the most riders during March and April.

Check out some awesome mountain biking in Pemberton with pro riders Matt Hunter and Trond Hansen!


With a reputation like that, Pemberton is of course going to be a natural and obvious choice for race organizers. The Nimby Fifty is a technical marathon XC mountain bike race held annually in Pemberton.


This isn't your typical XC race. The Nimby Fifty is referred to as a technical marathon xc bike race. This means it's absolutely loaded with incredible single track, and not for the faint of heart. The race is approximately 35 km in length, boasting a lung busting 101 switchback long pristine single-track climb.

Photo Credits: Bike Co - Pemberton (Mountain Biker), David Steers (Nimby Fifty Race)