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Spring Valley Farm

Spring Valley Farm

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    There are so many fun and exciting events happening in the Sea to Sky corridor! Here you will find an updated list of those special occasions that you will not want to miss. Check back often - you will need to book in advance to enjoy the comforts of Spring Valley Farm!

    Pemberton Backcountry Thrives

    We're thrilled to report that Pemberton backcountry adventuring thrives here. As if we didn't know. But still, it's great to have that national coverage, knowing that folks across Canada might have read the article that appeared December 5, 2013 in the Globe and Mail and understand just a little bit better what it is that keeps us here. 

    The article highlighted backcountry skiing near Pemberton, but makes mention of amenities in the village at the end. The author notes that there are "no chic bistros, spas, or chairlifts" in the backcountry, and hints a bit at part of the appeal of Pemberton. We're 25 minutes from Whistler, but a world away.

    Globe and Mail Pemberton Backcountry
    Ski touring above McGillivray Pass in British Columbia. Photo: Darryl Leniuk / Globe & Mail

    And while the author of the article notes that many people confuse alpine ski touring with cross country skiing, we're not so sure that this confusion would happen much with Pembertonians themselves. Still, for all the potential differences between people who live in Pemberton and people who come from away, we think it's pretty apparent that both parties deeply respect our natural surroundings.

    And we're thrilled to think that more people will visit Pemberton, knowing full well that there aren't a million different kinds of spas and every different sort of chic boutique imaginable. Chic bistros exist here, of course. Just enough of them. And we've got spas as well...of course we do. It's just not the entire focus here. Nature is. And we like it like that.